Our Approach

Our Story

ANIS, as an idea, started on January 23, 2005 and by the grace of Allah, the work is progressing since then.  ANIS members are professional Muslim Austinites.  Some of them are current and/or previous board members of various Austin Islamic Organizations.

Our Mission: Education

The Austin Network for Islamic Studies. ANIS   ANIS is a committee of dedicated professionals who focus on Islamic Studies and Outreach Services.  Our Mission is to educate and provide Islamic Educational Resources to all Austinites (Muslims and Non-Muslims).

Our vision is to have an Education Center dedicated to Islamic Studies and Outreach Services that provides educational resources, services and assistance for those who seek better understanding of Islam.

Our Story

Our Projects

Active Projects:

  • Respond to Muslim and Non-Muslims requests for Speakers, Lectures and Literature.
  • Introduction to Islam, Basic Level Course
  • Introduction to Islam, Intermediate Level Course
  • Introduction to Islam, Advanced Level Course
  • Friday Sermons & Halaqa at the different Islamic Centers in Central Texas.
  • “Explore the Quran” course for Non-Muslims
  • Work with local Imams to provide Education and Outreach Services

Long Term Projects:

  • Full Resource Center to Islamic Education and Outreach Services
  • Work with local and national organizations for Islamic Education in the USA