Chat with a Muslim

Sometimes you don't want to go through a course.  Sometime you have bothering question.  Sometime you just want to talk over a cup of coffee.

We are here to help.  Contact us and we can meet in a public place, like a coffee shop and answer your questions.

Interview a Muslim

Psst! It's an easy A.  Just don't tell your teacher who gave you the hard assignment to interview someone from a different faith!  If you are not a Muslim, it's your lucky day!  Our volunteers can help you A's that assignment.

Are you in the News/Media field?  Contact us and we can help you in that Report.  It may not be breaking news, but it would be accurate!


Visit the Mosque

Never been to a Mosque?  Really?  Don't know what to expect?  Are you a school teacher or university professor who wants to expose your students to different places of worship?

You landed in the right spot!

Contact us to schedule a Visit the Mosque Tour.

Request free literature

We offer English Translation of the Quran, Spanish Translation of the Quran, Several Brochures that cover basic info about Allah, Mohammad, Islam, Women in Islam, Jesus in Islam, and Ramadan.

Let us know what you like to get.

Something else not listed?

Let us know if you need any other services.

Request Literature

Follow this link to Request Free Literature